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Holy Hierarch Luke of Crimea, the Unmercenary Physician

Holy Hierarch Luke of Crimea, the Unmercenary Physician

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He who would later become Bishop Luke was born in the spring of 1877, in Russia, into the family of a pharmacist. Although he was drawn towards painting, he decided to become a doctor for the poor so as to alleviate their sufferings, following his parents’ example. In time he became an excellent surgeon and, because of his piety towards the icon of the Mother of God, every one of his interventions was a success. As an admirer and defender of the clergy, the doctor was soon called by God to become a bishop in a time of great oppression against the Orthodox Faith. After the outbreak of the Bolshevik Revolution, he was arrested and exiled for confessing his faith in Christ, from whom he received the gift of healing and wonderworking.

As a famous surgeon, a loving father and afterwards a confessing bishop, Holy Hierarch Luke the Physician remains for us in our times an accomplished model of life dedicated to God and people.

Book for children aged between 3 and 10 years

Author: Cătălin Grigore
Illustrator: Adela Maria Calistru
Translator: Medana Oltean
No. of pages: 32
Format: 20x24cm
Paperback and stitched
Release year: 2013
Edition: First Edition

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