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Holy Hierarch Nectarios of Aegina, the Wonderworker

Holy Hierarch Nectarios of Aegina, the Wonderworker

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Little Anastasius was born in 1846 into a family of Greek churchgoers from Silivria, in today’s Turkey. Endowed by God with a tireless desire for knowledge, he went to Constantinople to study. There he became a teacher of religion and later on a monk in a Monastery on the island of Chios. Only three years after becoming a priest with the name of Nectarios, he was ordained metropolitan for the Greeks in Egypt. There his many godly gifts stirred the envy of some priests who intrigued against him, so that he would be driven away from Egypt. He returned to Athens and became the director of a Theological seminary where he prepared many young men for priesthood. Towards the end of his life he founded a Monastery in the island of Aegina, near Athens, and there he gave his soul to God after a long illness.

For his great humility and endurance in oppressions, Saint Nectarios received from God, even during his lifetime, the gift of healing the sick and comforting those in all kinds of suffering.

Book for children aged between 3 and 10 years

Author: Cătălin Grigore
Illustrator: Adela Maria Calistru
Translator: Medana Oltean
No. of pages: 36
Format: 20x24cm
Paperback and stitched
Release year: 2014
Edition: First Edition

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