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The Holy Hierarch Spyridon, the Good Shepherd

The Holy Hierarch Spyridon, the Good Shepherd

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The Holy Hierarch Spyridon lived on the island of Cyprus, which was then part of the Roman Empire. In his youth he was a shepherd, but for his meekness, wisdom and great mercy he was elected a Bishop. As a hierarch, Saint Spyridon worked many miracles for the faithful he shepherded with loved and simplicity: he melted the hearts of unmerciful rich men, he summoned rain from the skies by prayer, he healed unforgiving diseases, and revealed the mystery of the Holy Trinity at the Council of Nicaea. After falling asleep, his relics, which now can be found in the island of Corfu, saved the island from being conquered by the Ottomans.

For his sacrificial and humble faith, God bestowed upon him the grace of healing. To this day, the Saint leaves his reliquary and travels the world helping those who call upon him in prayer.

An illustrated life of the great and holy bishop of Tremithus in Cyprus. Though formally uneducated, he took part in the First Ecumenical Council and expounded the dogmas of the Faith with divine wisdom. Renowned for his hospitality and charity, St. Spyridon was a truly living icon of Christ. His holy life will be an inspiration for children and adults alike.

Book for children aged between 3 and 10 years

Author: Cătălin Grigore
Illustrator: Adela Maria Calistru
Translator: Medana Oltean
No. of pages: 36
Format: 20x24cm
Paperback and stitched
Release year: 2018
Edition: First Edition

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